Guinea Teenagers

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Guineas in New Tramboline Home

Guineas in New Tramboline Home

What do you do when your keets need a larger space NOW? You turn a trampoline leftover from raising your human brood into a new, spacious guinea home for teens.  We knew we’d need something larger later but with my mom breaking her elbow, having two surgeries and two hospital stays to fix it, we were caught short!

We had the old trampoline and chicken wire found in a farm barn leftover from 30 years ago. It’s the right size to keep out predators. We also tried to make it secure from burrowing under to get in and harm our chickies. We put in a metal frame which provides a place to roost.

With a little ingenuity on my husband’s part and a day’s worth of work by both of us, were able to move our growing keets out of their cramped quarters into a much larger space where they could still be safe but move around a lot more. We can see them from our bedroom window!  Each morning I go to the open window and call out in a baby-talk voice, “Good morning, Chickies! It’s Mommy!”  Instantly, they scurry to the side of the pen to look for me, necks outstretched, eagerly expectant! I;m the only mommy they’ve ever known! Their consistent source of food, water and attention!

The back side of the pen is covered with a heavy plastic. This is to provide shelter from sun and rain. When mature, guineas can live on their own out in the open roosting in trees in all kinds of weather. Bricks leftover years ago from building our house hold the plastic in place along with other ties. The houseplants add a bit of ambience to their home but really I put them there so I would remember to water them!

Pigeon Visiting Guineas

Pigeon Visiting Guineas

One day a pigeon visited. Just flew in from some city, lost I guess.  It was attracted to the chicken crumbles outside the guinea cage.


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