THE BOOK: Be Smart! And Have Fun!

BE SMART! And Have Fun! (IN THAT ORDER): Light for the Journey into Adulthood and Beyond

by Maurine McCormick Harrison, Copyright 2008

A book for young adults navigating the sometimes tricky rapids on the journey into adulthood and beyond. An ideal gift book for a special young adult!

The transition into adulthood isn’t a sudden or easy one. Becoming a “grown-up” doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s a process of gaining new experiences, making choices, taking responsibility for those choices, learning from them and moving on.  It’s a process of coming to see ourselves as no longer someone else’s children but adults, fully responsible for ourselves.

Being a “grown-up” isn’t a fixed state. The child in each of us can come out in ways that enhance our adult lives with spontaneity and freshness of discovery or hijack our emotions and behavior in ways that do not serve us well.  It just part of being human.  None of us can always “be smart.”  But, we can continually commit to owning our emotions, our behavior, our choices, gleaning whatever wisdom we can to inform us on our life journey as adults.

BE SMART! And Have Fun! offers “food for thought” on topics relating to the journey into early adulthood and beyond. Topics are arranged alphabetically and need not be read in any special order.

BE SMART! And Have Fun! is a combination of “well-saids,” anecdotes, stories, interesting tid-bits and humor. I have been collecting these since I was 12 years old, inspired by my mother and her many scrapbooks of these kinds of things.  I am also including some of my own quotes, anecdotes and personal stories. I began working on this book when my daughter began college. She has been getting “installments” of the book as I create them, sometimes in response to some new insight she has helped me see as she navigates young adulthood.

Read excerpts from the book!

Maurine McCormick Harrison is a learner first – then teacher & writer. She has a Master’s in Education and another in Counseling and studied at the doctoral level in areas of education, counseling and learning styles. She has had training with The Coaches Training Institute and became a Master Gardener.  She has over 15 years experience at the college level as a professor teaching in areas of general, abnormal and developmental psychology, early childhood education, and teacher education and has worked as director of a college laboratory school.  Prior to her college career her teaching experience spanned preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle & high school.  She has also worked as a reading specialist and a Director of Religious Education in the Unitarian Universalist Church. She has also conducted many workshops & presentations on  the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, teaching and learning styles, child development, parenting and interpersonal relations. Currently, She is an avid gardener, raising much of her family’s food and working on writing several books.  She and her husband, Phil Harrison, have two married young adult sons making their own way in the world and a daughter in college. They enjoy living on the family farm in rural Virginia.

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