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Raising Guineas – 1st SIX WEEKS

You will need:

1- BROODER (heated container)
2- TURKEY STARTER feed (28-30% protein)
3-  WATERING BASE to connect to a quart jar
4- FEEDER to hold the turkey starter
5- WOOD SHAVINGS (not cedar which can be toxic)
6- TEXTURED SHELF LINER for firm footing
8- THERMOMETER to monitor temperature
9- FINE SAND or GRIT to help keets digest food

My BROODER (heated container) consisted of a:

1-DEEP CLEAR PLASTIC TUB with room for keets, feeder & waterer.  It’s important to have enough room for keets to get away from heat.  2-HEAT LAMP: Temperature could be adjusted by altering the distance of the lamp from keets, and using different bulbs. Food & water needs to be on the opposite side from the heat. TIP: If keets stay huddled together it may be too cool; if they sleep spread far apart it may be too hot.

AS KEETS GET BIGGER, their living space must increase.  So, when they outgrew the tub shown I put them in the largest clear plastic tub I could find that would fit on my counter.  We REALLY enjoyed having them as a part of our day! Keets are amazing as they grow and lots of fun!

Feed, waterer, feeder and wood shavings can be purchased at a farm store. In the bottom of the tub I kept wood shavings on top of a non-slippery shelf liner that could be washed and reused each time I cleaned the tub and put in put in fresh wood shavings.

KEETS MUST BE KEPT WARM until fully feathered – ABOUT 6 WKS.

(I lost two keets the first few days because they got chilled.)Temperature can be lowered 5 degrees each week after 1st week.

Weeks   Brooder Temp

WK 1    95 degrees
WK 2    90 degrees
WK 3    85 degrees
WK 4    80 degrees
WK 5    75 degrees

WK 6    75 degrees

Keets LOVE to eat grass & clover from your yard! And, their favorite food of all is BUGS!!! We had a lot of fun capturing bugs attracted to our outside lights and putting them in sandwich bags to feed our babies.  They go WILD for bugs!  They especially loved all the Japanese Beetles we picked off our raspberry & blackberry vines!  We discovered that bugs with any kind of red on them were rejected by our little babies. Anybody know why? We also enjoyed identifying the various unfortunate bugs we captured.

HANDLE  keets OFTEN. ENCOURAGE  keets to sit on your finger.  Guineas have a reputation for wandering afar and not coming home! If they are handled often from very young they more likely to stay home.


FIRST WATER for keets needs to be warm to prevent chilling.
MAKE SURE keets can’t get into water to prevent chilling or drowning.
PLACE FOOD close to food source the FIRST DAY.
ADD 1 tablespoon of sugar per quart of water to give keets quick energy.
ADD SAND or GRIT to food in a ration of 1 to 10.
PREVENT DRAFTS in brooder area.
GUINEAS LOVE to ROOST! Make sure they have some way of getting higher!


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